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The Pulse

  • On the Road Again: From IPF to Anywhere

    April 23, 2018

      What would you do to Chase your Dream?   Would you Work as Hard as you could, up to 8 hours a day?   Would you change your Body, and Add 11 pounds of Muscle? Would you Travel, all over the World, to places you have never been, to Play your way to Success? […]

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  • How Do I Make It Easy?

    April 19, 2018

    How Do I Make It Easy? I love this question, as it comes up often and in many forms: When does it get easier? Why is it so hard for me? When will I be more like (insert name here)? What is something I can do to get ahead?* Rarely asked for the right reasons […]

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  • You Can’t or You Won’t?

    March 27, 2018

    Ask yourself this Question when it comes to C.I.A. (Change, Improvement, Achievement): “You Can’t or You Won’t?”   We see this Dilemma every day, and for many, they just don’t understand the Question.   C.I.A. (our version) has some similarities to the Agency that shares the same acronym: it operates with different Rules, it is […]

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  • Why I Love the U.S. Hockey Women

    February 12, 2018

    Let’s start by saying it is as simple as it sounds. I Love the U.S. Hockey Women that Trained here at the Institute of Performance and Fitness in preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics. We have been fortunate to Train Successful Achievers from many Disciplines: Business, Sports, Media, Film, etc.  Every Day this Spring and […]

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  • Choose Your System-Track Your Progress!

    November 15, 2017

    This is the Group Handout given to our Adult Groups (Monday is Information + Discussion Day) at the beginning of the Workout. Each Handout is explained, Discussed and then some form of “Homework” (Self-Improvement) is given…   Monday Handout=Choice of “Systems” #’s=1-5 (1-10) (1-100~Grades) Letters=”Grades” A,B,C,D,F +/-                        Yes/No=Did I Eat Well Enough to Improve? Yes/No? […]

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  • Developing Habits, Developing Athletes…

    October 17, 2017

    Why Do People Train?   Health: “The Greatest Ability is Availability” is the Truth to many Athletes, Coaches and Trainers. The more “Resilient” you are, the less likely you are to be Hurt, Injured, or Incapable of Playing again. Resiliency is built up through a number of factors, including Training. Health can be determined by […]

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  • Change Is Good

    October 1, 2017

    New “Phases”: Why (the) Change?   Let me start by telling you we Like “Change”. It can be Disruptive, Uneasy, and Volatile. It comes at Imperfect Times, with no regard for your Life or Circumstances, and it never is Easy. These Negatives may actually be the Reasons why we Love it. Change comes and we […]

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  • Dig Deeper-Big Picture Concepts

    September 21, 2017

    My (Insert Name Here) Individualized Plan: (Based on last weeks’ Talk + Evaluation of my Current Habits)   Big Picture Points: Sleep                           Why is this such a Big Deal? A Better Question would be, why isn’t this a Bigger Deal? Healthy Sleep is currently the “Hot Topic” in the Training/Recovery/Nutrition Triangle due to the […]

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  • My Personal Checklist

    September 13, 2017

      My (Insert Name Here) Personal Check-List:   Everything is Different for Everybody. Everything is Similar for Everyone. Everything is Different… What I mean to say is that most of us have certain Criteria or Standards that are used to Determine “What is Important to Us”. What Get’s Your Time, Your Energy, Your Focus before […]

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  • Why this Summer was the Best Ever @IPF…

      It seems like we always want to heap praise, “top” a story, or give life to something ordinary when it comes to describing events. People enjoy exaggeration. It makes life interesting. Although I can be entertained by magnification or hyperbole, I don’t enjoy it. I prefer Amazing. I Love to be surprised by People, […]

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