Personal Training

IPF’s Personal Training Helps You Improve Your Body and Your Mind With Programs Specifically Tailored To Your Needs.


Personal training at IPF is a terrific option for any individual who is ready and motivated to dedicate themselves to not only improving their fitness and nutrition habits, but also enhancing their lifestyle.

We believe that our coaches are the best in the business at encouraging, motivating, and training clients because they have a true drive, passion and determination to help you succeed in reaching your goals and beyond. In addition, the IPF coaches, led by industry veteran Walter Norton Jr., are exceptionally educated, knowledgeable and experienced in working with athletes and non-athletes of all ages and abilities including middle school, high school, and college students, adults, Olympic athletes, and elite sports professionals.


IPF personal training is appropriate for anyone who desires 100% one-on-one attention and optimal workouts customized for your unique set of abilities, weaknesses or injuries, and health and physical condition. More specifically, you may want to consider personal training if:

  • You need focused coaching on using the proper technique
  • You are a training novice or returning to training after a long period of being inactive
  • You need extra accountability to establish a fitness and nutrition routine
  • You need to kick-start your fitness before transitioning into our Adult Group Training Programs
  • You have specific personal goals, such as passing a Physical Ability Test for employment or Physical Fitness Test for a college sport
  • You are rehabbing from a traumatic injury, such as a car accident, or a surgical procedure such as a hip or knee replacement
  • You are a survivor, whether it’s of cancer or any other illness, and want a coach who will make proper modifications and have a high level of sensitivity to your needs

Your IPF coach will collaborate with you to create the ideal personal training program with the primary goal being your good health. In some cases, to ensure that this plan fits your specific needs, we may want to work with your physical therapist, orthopedic specialist, physician or any other practitioner whose care you are under. We are more than happy to initiate and build these synergistic relationships because we are passionately dedicated to helping you get to your best self.


IPF Coaches Have Provided Exceptional Personal Training To A Variety Of Clients, Including:

  • Adult Women and Men
  • Young Athletes
  • College Athletes
  • Off-site corporate clients
  • Film, Television and Entertainment Personalities
  • Professional Athletes from basketball, hockey, baseball, and soccer


Please call us at 978-289-4177 to schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art facility and to speak with one of our coaches about your training goals.

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