IPF Training Programs

IPF’s 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility provides motivated individuals and teams a place where they can improve their athletic ability, change their fitness and nutrition habits, and enhance their lifestyle. Every day at IPF, there is an opportunity to have fun, be challenged, and take another step to achieving goals that you’ve set for yourself in the gym and beyond. We welcome a wide variety of clients, ranging from young kids and college students to working professionals and stay-at-home parents to professional athletes and celebrities, and offer three distinct areas of fitness coaching:  

Walter’s and Jamie's knowledge, commitment and focus is second to none and I thank them for helping me be stronger, more fit and healthier at 50 than I was in my 20s or 30s. Even after seven plus years of training at IPF, I look forward to the next workout because they are constantly changing, always fun, and continue to challenge me. IPF has become so much more than a place to train for me. It's a community of people and coaches who are always motivating each other to be better and stronger!

— Laurie F., Adult Group Training Client

IPF is a perfect place for high school and college athletes looking to get stronger and faster and to gain a competitive edge in their sport. It is also a great fit for adults who are looking for top-notch coaching and a challenging and rewarding workout. Walter, Jamie, Liz and the rest of the IPF staff have had an incredible impact on me from a training, nutrition and lifestyle standpoint. Thank you IPF for being such an influential and positive part of my life. I am in the best shape of my life!

— Alan H., Adult Group Training Client & Andover High School Coach

As a professional athlete, I spend more time training than anything else so my training environment is hugely important. Thus, I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of the IPF community. Walter, Jamie, and the rest of the staff have helped me become stronger and more explosive, among many other tremendous athletic improvements. More important, their program and the people in it have given me that elusive mental edge. I credit IPF for being a huge part of where I am today in professional soccer.

— Stephanie M., Professional Women's Soccer Player

Walter, Jamie and the rest of the staff are at the top of their game and you won’t find more passionate, educated and experienced coaches for you or your student athletes. Over the past three years training at IPF, I’ve become healthier and stronger, I am more flexible and move better, and I have greatly improved my body composition. From the staff, the facility, the approach, and the community, I couldn’t recommend IPF any higher than I do.

— Brad R., Adult Group Training Client

I still remember my first workout and how incredibly weak and out of shape I felt when I left. Yet, by the time I pulled into my driveway, I realized that I really loved how hard I was pushed by the IPF coaches and they really know what they’re doing. Since that first morning, I have significantly improved my overall physical health and knowledge of nutrition. Walter and Jamie have empowered me to reach fitness goals that I certainly would have dismissed as impossible four years ago.

— Laura O., Adult Group Training Client

Joining IPF is like joining a family. There is something so special about this place and the people who work here. It’s not just a gym where I go to workout - it's a place where I go to have fun, to get support and encourage others, and to push myself to limits that I didn't think I could get to. I've learned how to be a better teammate and leader, but most importantly, I've made new and lifelong friendships. IPF feels like home. 

— Kristie M., Professional Women's Soccer Player

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