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  • Resolutions are Evaluations…

    December 29, 2019

    The 1st of the Year is fast approaching, and with that comes the “Resolutions” of many People who want to Improve their Lives. Gyms fill up, Healthy Food Stores surge in Business, everyone is on their Best Behavior (directed towards their desired Point of Emphasis) and Life is Good. For awhile… As we are all […]

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  • A Note to All High School Athletes Who Want to Play in College: Act Like It, and Train In-Season!

    December 9, 2019

    In-Season Training may be the single most important element of Training for any Athlete, due to the length of the Season as it pertains to your Development.  Your Desired “College Sport” is a much longer Season than your High School Season, and every single College Team, regardless of Sport or Division, will be Working out […]

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  • What are the Pillars of Your Health & Fitness?

    December 2, 2019

    This Topic always manages to “Offend” someone reading every time, and I promise you that is not the Goal. The Goal is for you to Assess just How Important your Health/Fitness is to You, personally, as reflected by Your Actions, not your Thoughts, Wants, or History. As for a Working Definition of Health/Fitness, it is […]

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  • 20 Steps to 20 More Min Each Night: Better Sleep Hygiene

    November 16, 2019

    20 Steps to 20 More Min Each Night: Better Sleep Hygiene Sleep is our #1 Focus for December and we could write 1k Articles on “Why” … Do You not know how Valuable it is at this Point? Is it a Lack of Understanding? Or is it a Behavior Issue? We have a few quotes […]

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  • IPF College Athlete Updates

    November 7, 2019

    Here is the latest update on our Summer 5:30am “College” Athletes, and what has transpired since the returned to School. Before going any further, the overwhelming Positive Feedback we have received from our Athletes (and their Coaches) regarding their Overall Health, their Fitness + Strength Testing, their Feedback from Coaches, and, most importantly, their own […]

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  • Breakfast Opportunities

    October 28, 2019

    We hear it again and again, “I have the same thing every day”, “I don’t have time”, or the dreaded “I wanted the extra Sleep” … The difficult part of hearing these refrains so often is that they represent missed opportunities for Improvement and Enjoyment! Breakfast is typically your first occasion for Success each Day […]

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  • Some (not “The”) Rules of Fitness…

    October 21, 2019

    Each year I get upset when I see Trainers in our Field author articles talking about “Lessons they have Learned”, or “10 years and 10 Truths”, or even better, “The Rules of Fitness Engagement”, etc… I get angry because Fitness is different for everyone, and almost impossible to narrow down into perfect little Mantras or […]

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  • Lag Time

    October 16, 2019

    Lag Time “The period of time between two closely related events, phenomena, etc., as between stimulus and response or between cause and effect:”   Everyone understands that there will be a Period of Time between the “Start” of something and the “Effect” of that something when we begin anything. Start College, and you may Graduate […]

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  • Simple Is as Simple Does…

    October 7, 2019

    Life is About Choices. We spend Childhood (and the Rest of our Lives) “Training” to Understand all of the Possibilities in this Great World, and Adulthood trying to Piece them Together… The Famous Quote, “Life is a Sum of Your Choices” (“So What are You Doing Today”) is a reminder that Opportunity comes with Choice, […]

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  • What I’m Doing to Feel Better: Walter Norton Jr.

    September 23, 2019

    Let’s start by saying that not everyday begins with jumping out of bed, doing a cartwheel, and high-fiving the mirror. There are plenty of days that I am Tired, would benefit from more Sleep, and just want to snuggle with my Dogs… But most Days, I feel damn good. I am excited for the Day, […]

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