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Careers & Internships

The Key Ingredient of an IPF Team Member is Quality and We Are Looking For Individuals Who Have It In Their Coaching, In Their Character, and In Their Commitment.


What do all the coaches at IPF have in common? From Owner Walter Norton Jr. to Director of Training Jamie Damon to our part-time coaches and our interns, we all set very high standards for ourselves as teachers so that we can provide a level of structure and care to our clients that is unmatched in the industry.

Any additional team members that we add to our coaching staff must have a passion for helping athletes and individuals of all levels of fitness and from all different backgrounds achieve their goals. Your focus as a coach must be on improving client performance in every area of their life, not just the physical.

If this sounds like you, then IPF may be a good place for you to learn and grow as a coach or intern. 


We are now actively seeking to fill the following positions:

Coach - Strength and Conditioning
Internship - Strength and Conditioning

Please take note, if you are looking for a job in the industry because you love working out and you just want to have time to do more of your own training, you need not apply. IFP wants coaches who are truly committed to making a significant and lasting impact on people’s lives. You must be deeply passionate about helping others, challenging yourself to be the best coach you can be, and building your knowledge as a teacher.


Being an IPF coach might just be the toughest job you’ll ever love.


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