The Pulse

Your Health and Next Steps

Let’s put opinions aside.

What was Right, what was Wrong.

Who Started It.

How each “Party” handled it.

Who it Affects “more”.

We could go on and on.

Let’s put it all aside for now and look at things purely from a “Health” Standpoint.

People have Died, and the Losses are Heavy.

Statistics have indicated many Factors are involved, some obvious, some harder to discover…


People over 70 have perished with agonizing frequency.

People 60 and Over have been hit hard by the Disease.

People in their 50’s are considered “High-Risk”.

Many People in their 30’s-40’s have Struggled, have been Hospitalized, or Worse.

Even Adults in their 20’s have endured Physical Hardship as a result of the Virus.

All of this is Obvious, based on the Data Collected in the US and Around the World, and a big part of the Desire to Move Forward towards “Healthy” …


The other Numbers speak Loudly as well.

The Secondary, or Underlying Risk Factors, that put so many into the High-Risk Category include:


  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes/High Blood Pressure
  • Smoking
  • Heavy Drinking (= Males x15, = Females x8 Drinks per Week)
  • Inflammation (often in response to a Condition listed above)


These are Secondary Risk Factors that Many of Us Carry Now.

Not surprisingly, these Conditions have always been High-Risk Factors when determining Mortality Rate, for as long as Statistics have been recorded.

When combined with a significant New Stress, the compounding circumstances can be, and have been, catastrophic.


So, What Do You Do?


 You Do “Different”

Your Personal Health, of significant Value, is yours to Maintain, Improve, and Cherish.

It certainly affects every aspect of Your Life and is often overlooked until it becomes an Area of Concern.


We are at that point.

(For the Record, We Run A Gym. In that Gym We Build an Environment, an Attitude and a Culture regarding Self-Improvement.

If this Article seems “Self-Serving” based on the last ~5 months, that’s fine.

We have been touting this Message in our Gym for the last 12yrs+.

As Professionals, we have been Teaching and Living this way for over 20yrs.

It’s Why We Created Careers in the Health and Fitness Industry.

We are just yelling louder now because it matters more than ever…)


What is Different?

Everything, because you are looking through a New Lens and the current situation has you respecting the fragility of Life like never before.

Do you change your Diet?

Do you get more Sleep?

Do you begin to Exercise?

Do you Increase your Exercise?

Do you Invest in your Life by Hiring a Coach that can Navigate your Physical Landscape, in part by having Knowledge of many Disciplines, and also by Learning How You Learn?


There are endless options, and there always have been, but this time is different.

This Time is Urgent.

This Time things changed and you have decided you should too.


Call Us.

Have a Conversation.

We have helped People for 25yrs+ and have the Resources, Knowledge, and Experience to Move you Towards “Better” …


We may be able to help you Today, Tomorrow, Whenever you are Ready, or may even point you down a different path…

Finding the Best “Fit”, based on Coaching, Environment, Philosophy, Level of Readiness, Proximity, etc., is something we do very well…

Regardless of Age, Gender, Injury History, Athletic Ability, Training Frequency, or any Characteristic/Condition that has “Stopped” You in the past, Today is a New Day, and We Can Help…   


The Time for Action and a Plan for that Action is Now…

Before someone else gets Sick.

Before the 2nd Wave.

Before You fall back into Old Habits.

Before you Forget How Much Worse this Could Be…


Let’s Plan for your Success and Let’s Be Better before the “Next” Stress Hits Us, so we can Hit Back…