The Pulse

Your Favorite Song

Everyone has a Favorite Song, one that they “Get” and moves them in some way.

Its Unique to the Individual, and may be associated with a Memory, Event or Place in Time.

Its 100% their own, and they are truly comfortable when that song plays…

What’s the Problem with Your Favorite Song?

The same Problem as your Favorite Meal, Outfit, Sneakers and even Routine…

Listen to it, Use it, Do it too often and you get Sick of it and it loses its “Value”…

It happens to everyone, for a variety of reasons, when they repeat what they like frequently and don’t vary their “Menu”…

Why is that Important?

We see it in Fitness as well.

A lot.

People will stick with the Same Workout, Same Routine and most of all, Same Habits because they Like Them, or worse yet, because they Worked Before and “Will Work Again”.

All of Us get Familiar, Stubborn, and ultimately a bit lazy when it comes to “New”.

We like to do what we like to do.

See that person on the Elliptical.

They Love it.

Well, not as much as they used to. They haven’t seen any progress in 9 Months, they don’t get as Excited as they did before, and their Body isn’t changing like it once was.

But they Stick with It.

Most People do, and they find Comfort in Consistency.

Same Place, Same Routine, Same People.

Sadly, Same You.

There is No “Perfect” Program, Breakfast, Workout or Answer to our Health Questions, as we are always Changing and Evolving.

That doesn’t mean we have to switch Monthly, resort to “Muscle Confusion” or change Diets with every piece of new info…

It means we must do x3 Important things:

  • …continue to Find Songs We Like, so that we can add to the Library of “Likes” we have (the more the better!)
  • …continue to experiment and even dislike new things, as Learning about Ourselves is a Process not a Destination.
  • …understand from this point forward that with Work, Information, Education, and Experience, we are “New”, and can’t always look back at our previous “Self” and use the same Process

We ask the People that come to IPF to Understand + Embrace the concept of Open-Mindedness and Perspective (it’s necessary for them to be together):

Having an Open-Mind is Key to acquiring New Information. We can’t Learn anything if we shut the door every time someone, or something, tries to come on in…

Perspective is equally Valuable, because whether you are aware or not, your Perspective has changed 100x or more and that’s a good thing.

You went from Garde School to high School and your Whole World Changed. From High School to College! Getting your License and Driving a Car alone. Dealing with the Death of a Friend or Loved One. Going through a Personal Crisis. Having Tremendous Success. Falling in Love. Getting your Heartbroken. And on and on…

With an Open-Mind + Perspective you Look for a New Song to add to the one you like. You find a Routine that Works, Evaluate it and Make it Better. You Eat with Variety for the Long-Term, not the Short. You Get Healthy in x1-2 Areas and then Work on the next…

You have your Favorites, and that is Awesome.

What’s Better?

Realizing that Your Favorites can change, will change, and that change is good.

Realizing that your Favorites should be based in Need instead of Want.

Realizing that you are more than just “x1” of Anything, and that the Deeper the List, the more Valid Choices You Have, the Better You Will Be…

Don’t Lose Your Favorite Song, just keep adding to that Playlist!