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x5 Adjustments You Can make Right Now!

Let’s Assume, before we start, that we are all currently “Healthy Enough” and have the ability to make some slight alterations to your current System. You aren’t sick, recovering or in a period of time where your Work, Relationship, Parenting, etc., dominate >90% of your Life…

With that Disclaimer out of the way, lets hammer home just how much the “Little Things” can make way for major differences…

Here are x5 “Adjustments” that can and will help you Get Better!

  1. Change Your Mind-Set (only) and Make Your Goal as Important as You Think It is… You want to Eat Better? Think about that Intention at your Meals, and it will have a positive affect= you will Eat Better via Better Choices?

    You want to Train more frequently? Have that Idea in your Head upon Waking every day and you will get to the Gym more often > Your Plan will Improve!

    You want to Manage Your Time Better?* Be Mindful of this Intent and you will Excel > Setting Timers, using “Lists”, having Deadlines, etc.

    Our “Power” Point here is that What is On Your Mind = What Gets Your Attention! You Have to Think It/Dream It to Make it So…

  2. Go to Bed Earlier. Simple and Huge for Success.

    I know, for years “Experts” have told you to Wake-Up Earlier and Seize the Day, and I don’t disagree (for most people), but when that point is hammered home without an explanation, it’s just silly (Stupid!). Going to bed earlier is the single biggest “Booster” you can give your Body and Energy Levels. It’s not a “Hack”, it’s a better chance to Recover, Recharge, and Renew simply by being in Bed ~30min earlier each night. Did I mention that the last 90min of most people’s day is their least productive? Our Goal is more Production Baby, so take Your Glutes to Bed earlier for x2-weeks and tell me You Don’t Feel Great (Spoiler Alert > You Will!)

  3. You Need to Get “Warmer” Find a Sauna (or Steam) and Get Inside! (to be honest, you can even use the Tub!). The Data on Heat, via the Sauna is Voluminous and Powerfully Positive. The Staff at IPF uses our Infrared Sauna, on average, ~x4 weekly. We Believe! Further, so do many Countries: Russia, Japan, Finland, Norway, Germany, Turkey, and the list goes on. The “Type” of Sauna differs, the Use + Benefit do not!

    Recommended Usage varies, as little as x2 weekly promotes Big Benefits.

    What is Interesting is that although “More is Better” isn’t a Great Life Strategy, it works for the Sauna, as x4+x5 weekly sessions have Impacted Health, Lifespan and Quality of Life in the most Positive Ways! The Data is Strong, so get yourself into a Sauna soon.

    Yes, a “Steam” works well also. But the Steam is a “Wet Heat”, can be much more uncomfortable at Higher Temperatures, and necessitates a more thorough cleaning afterwards. It is also a more difficult “Install” if in your House (Plumbing, Heat Regulation, Water Sources). That having been said, a Steam Room can be amazingly beneficial and provide instant relief to Stress, Joint Pain, and Arthritis very similarly to the Sauna.

    Finally, a (Warm/Hot) Tub is a completely different alternative, but easier to obtain. Soaking for ~>15min, up to your Neck, will help with Relaxation (a Huge Deal), Inflammation and Muscle Soreness. It does not have the same Methodology, Science or Strong Following of the Sauna, but Benefits Exist and it certainly helps more than not at all.

    For all of the above, don’t forget the “Social Detox” aspect and Leave Your Phones Behind (more on that in a minute). Your Brain needs to Recover with Your Body, or you don’t Recover at all… Put Your Phone Down.

  4. Building on the Theme, Put Your Phone Down and Limit Your Usage.

    You are On Your Phone Too Much Right Now. There are ZERO Studies indicating that Time Spent on Your Phone is Beneficial. There are Hundreds that indicate the Opposite, that Your Phone, and What You Use It For, are Detrimental to Your Mental Health, Steal Time away from Your Daily Living, and Hurt Your Ability to Achieve Your Goals.

    I’m sure You Don’t think this is True in this moment but give me x2-weeks and I’ll make you a Believer!


    Don’t “Use” your Phone for the 1st > 30mins of each Day.

    Wake-Up using a non-phone alarm.

    Shower, Get-Dressed, Eat Breakfast, or whatever your Morning Plan is, but don’t use your Phone for at least 30min. Your Process will Improve, you will get more done, and you won’t start each day with Stress, Comparisons or FOMO.

    Have a “Dead-Stop” Time each night for your Phone.

    Do you really need to be on it anyway? Think before you answer.

    Does your Partner think so? Your Kids? Your Dog?

    You can Build Your System for Reduction however you desire, but Start that Build asap, and in x2weeks, you’ll realize just how much you missed “Real Life” and are Living Again…

  5. Eat a Better Breakfast. Yes, just a small Change to start the day can have a massive effect on the entire outcome.

    What is Better?

    The most Common Answer is “More”. Eat more for a greater amount of Energy, and a more complete approach to your Nutritional Plan.

    A Favorite IPF Quote about Breakfast: “You can’t get an A if you start with a C”, and it’s True, its True!

    Plan your Meal ahead of Time. Identify the Protein you Like and Need, find the Healthy Fat that will help you today, and give yourself time to Sit and Eat. You don’t have 10min to Feed Yourself with a “Better” Meal?

    If that answer is No, You may have just Identified one Flaw in your Structure.

    Greater Nutritional Value, more Energy, a calmer Start to the Day, and Starting with an “A” are all Good Reasons for you to Make a Change…

Don’t Want to Change?

Then you shouldn’t have Read this Article.

Instead, Go Read all of the Studies on “Stubborn”, Talk to All of your Friends about your “Open-Mind” (or lack thereof) and Stick to Your Guns.

I’ll be around again in ~6months to ask another Favorite IPF Question: “How’s that Going for You?”

Why the Above Paragraph?

Because Time and Energy are Precious, and we are all Giving too much away.

Adapt, Evolve, Learn and Repeat.

It has a Good Track Record (Humans = 6million years) and will Help you Today!

You don’t have to make “Our” Changes but Find Better Info and Make Them!

You don’t have to Work out at “Our” Gym, so find a Place and Get Better!

We aren’t “Rooting” for Us, we are Rooting for “All!”

Let’s Get Better!