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Why Adult Training?

Disclosure: We Sell Training. We Train many different types of People, with an Age Range of 11yrs to 67yrs Old, and an Athletic Spectrum that varies from never Played a Sport to Gold Medalists.

We Sell Training and are Really Good at Helping People Improve…


Why our Adult Training is potentially a Great Fit for you.



We “Set” the parameters right away for our Group Training, and make it easy to “Learn” Consistency.

Every New Adult is Taught/Coached for Technique on each Exercise we Perform. Initially, the constant Feedback can be daunting, but similar to Learning a New Language, it is the fastest way to feel Comfortable (then Confident) with Training. Structure is a multi-definition term:

Structure can mean Learning the “Right Way”, Structure can mean “Focusing on what is Important”, Structure can mean “Eliminating Distractions”, but typically Structure means whatever You Need it to! Our Staff does an Amazing Job of Getting to Know Your Body and Your Personality. That is important so that we can Understand Why You Excel, and What Holds You Back.

Structure means Understanding your Behaviors and Setting-Up Guidelines that Lead to Success…



It works. The Promise of “I will meet you here at this time” is a great way to ensure you keep your Word en route to Getting Fit! Meeting the other Members of the Group, your Coach, or just setting aside the time and keeping an appointment are all terrific reasons to stay Accountable.

We Take Attendance, Track Performance, Teach Every Day and Believe in (Small) Forward Steps. Almost every aspect of Improvement correlates back to Frequency: Show-Up and Get Better…

Developing Accountability, with the Gym, and Yourself, starts on Day 1. It may proceed at a different Pace for everyone, but becoming reliable and consistent is the Goal!



Group Training is an Excellent Value for the Time, Coaching and Opportunity that is presented to you. Although Personal Training is still a viable (and better option for some based on History, Injury, etc.) alternative, Group Training Rocks. We define Group Training as the Attention and Feedback of Personal Training with the Motivation and Support of multiple people on the same Journey!

What is the Cost Limitation that you put on your Health?

The Cheapest Option is rarely the finest, and the Education you Receive at IPF regarding “Training” is 2nd to none. To be clear, we are Training at IPF, not Exercising or “Checking a Box”. Exercise is Activity, with little Purpose in mind, other than a set number of minutes to move through Actions unrelated to future Success.

When you begin Training, you embark on a Course of Opportunity, where the Activities are designed to Strengthen and Improve You (Body + Mind) from 1 workout to the next. Each Exercise is Taught and Practiced, and as Skill Increases, the Next Level Approaches…


We aren’t Traveling towards “Perfect”, we are moving towards “Better”.

Group Training, with its Proven Structure, a Standard of Accountability, and Terrific Value, is potentially the Key to Your Next Decade of Success!

Come in to IPF (or just Get Started Anywhere!) to discuss the Best Options and Begin your Journey Baby!