The Pulse

What’s New at IPF

Here is what is Going Down at the Institute:

Training > We are Getting Better!

We have more people than ever Losing Weight (a Big Emphasis Post-Pandemic), Improving their Fitness, Adding Muscle and Moving Better + More Often.

The Best Part?

It’s happening 1-on-1, in Semi-Private, and Group Environments, which tells us that the Training Options matter a lot less than You Getting Here and Doing the Work!

We have had a dozen people Lose 10bls since the Year began.

We have dozens of people who look better in the mirror to start each day.

Almost all of our Clients are Feeling Better about Themselves, their Choices and Efforts.

It’s Awesome…

Why Not All?

Great Question.

We have x5 people that have struggled thus far this year, enough so that it impacts their Health in a Negative Manner

All of them are Good People, continually around other Achievers, and have the Knowledge to Succeed.

So Why the Struggle?

In many cases, the Struggles stem from what could be perceived as Positives (when Life leans towards “Balanced”).

We often say this aloud at the Institute:

“Your Health + Body doesn’t care that you are making more money, travelling more or have more options for entertainment. Its either Getting Better, or Getting Worse.”

For Person X, its their Work > New Job, more Travel, more time at Work, and the Adjustment has been difficult. They are making more Money than ever but the Body doesn’t care…

For Person Y, their Choices with Food, Sleep and Social Media continue to lead them down a difficult path. “They are certainly Keeping up with the Jones” and more Active on Instagram, but struggling with their own dynamic…

For Person Z, Attendance has been awful. The reason? Multiple Amazing Vacations (x4). Terrific Locations, wonderful Sunsets, humid Temperatures, and their Lowest State of Fitness in x5yrs.
They are Well-Rested, Overweight, De-Stressed and Unfit.

There are Positives and Negatives to each Situation described above, but the overarching point is that Your Health + Fitness is moved by both Positive + Negative Factors, and your Plan has to adjust with Your Life…

We are Thrilled with the 95% of our Clients that are Crushing It, but Spend a Ton of Time Thinking about the other 5%.

We want them to Succeed as well…

There is Work to Do!

The Other Big News at the Institute?

Business >>> We are Changing How We Do It, and it will Help Everyone Involved!

This is our Last Athlete Session in the Current Format.

Next Fall, we will have Small/Semi-Private Training Options Every afternoon, but we will move away from the Larger Group Format that we have Run for ~15yrs.


The Conversations, and Education, are becoming as Important as the Training!

Talking each Day with Kids about Habits, Behaviors, Screen-Time, Bed-Time, Social Media, Comparisons, Breakfast, Choices, etc., is Vital to their (and Our) Success.

The Smaller Group enables us to Form + Strengthen relationships Faster and more Effectively. It’s hard to “Tell” someone What to Do (especially on Day 1) and much easier to Start a Conversation with People in an Intimate Environment.

We have had a ton of Success this year in Groups of x5 or less, and we want to repeat it again and again

Additionally, we will be offering more Semi-Privates for Adults for the exact same Reasons!

Our Group Training has long been a Hallmark of Excellence for IPF, but we want to supplement that Environment to create an Opportunity to Individualize Programming and allow for Discussion of Daily Habits.

We have recently experimented with more Semi-Private Options and Loved what they bring to the table for our Adults…

Finally, we have reconfigured our Premium Adult Group Training Groups to double-down on what We Do Best: Train and Educate!

The Changes will enable us to Provide more Specific Programming, Build Short + Long-Term Goals, and Create Specificity within our Groups. These Changes are a long-time coming, and we would stack our Premium Group Training against most Gyms Personal (1-1) Training…

We are Excited by What is Happening at IPF, and Welcome You to Ask Questions, Come Take a Look, Try it Out or Create Your Own Options!

Fitness isn’t “One Size Fit All”, and we can Help You in a Variety of Ways: Training, Nutrition, Daily Habits + Behaviors, Structure, and Health Management…

Our People are Getting Better and You Should Be too!!!

Time + Energy Matter, so if you are Investing Both, there should be A Tangible Return!!!

At IPF, There Is, and Its Awesome!

Let’s Get Better!!!