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The “Why” To IPF’s New Website


Whether you are visiting our website for the first time or have been part of the IPF community for awhile, we Welcome You to our New Website! However you ended up “Here” today, we appreciate the journey that brought you.

In our first Blog on our brand new website, we wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit about our own Journey to get “Here” today – with a new Website that we are actually really excited and proud to introduce.  

First, a little background…

We have run a Strength & Conditioning/Training Business for almost 10 years. It has been Awesome on many fronts. Pick any one of the following reasons that resonates with you (because they all apply):

  • Learning About Business
  • Helping People Succeed
  • Building from the Bottom-Up,
  • Working with Movie Stars/Pro Athletes/Incredible Achievers
  • Developing Long-Lasting Relationships
  • and so much more……

To be able to open the doors of IPF every day, has been a truly amazing Opportunity! But, we’ll be honest, it hasn’t all been a 4th of July picnic with fireworks.

Even though most Trainers/Coaches won’t admit it, we aren’t, at our core, business people. So, when you open a new state-of-the-art, 8,000 Square Foot Facility like we did, you must learn to deal with a lot of things that aren’t exactly at the top of the list of reasons you get into this industry.

Negotiating with Landlords, Fixing Toilets, Paying Bills, Chipping Ice in the Parking Lot, and Answering The Phone All Day, are just a few of the “Joys” of owning a business that no one tells you about!

Included in this list of things that most of us in the industry don’t know much about is getting a website optimized. There’s not a lot of website design discussions in exercise phys, anatomy classes, or strength and conditioning conferences. An updated website generally takes a backseat to almost everything else in the gym, especially the Training!

As a result, you could say that our Website has always been average. Fair, maybe. Decent, most certainly. It accomplished a few of the things that it was designed to do; it was low cost, people could find out about our group schedule and register, and our Staff could easily keep it running. It was not a source of pride for us, but, again, we rationalized that the Training was more important.

And that will never change. We will always strongly believe that the Training/Experience/Environment is more important than the “Bells and Whistles” that might initially attract someone to a fitness facility.

Despite that, you may have noticed that we’ve become much more active on Social Media. We are doing our best to share what it’s like to be part of the IPF Community in our daily #OneMinuteMojos and other posts, pictures, and videos on Facebook and Instagram.

On its own, each Picture, Post and Video only tells a very small part of our story. But, day after day, the Consistency of these images and words has added up to an honest, and hopefully positive, impression of who IPF is and what our mindset is. Through our Social Media experience, we’ve gained Friends, Supporters, Clients, Fans, Followers, and Business, and we have gained a much clearer understanding of how important this type of Communication is.  

Which brings us back to the Website…

We know we may not be able to be the best at everything, but we can certainly make darn sure that we are not doing a poor job at something. Ironically, we speak about this quite a bit with our clients regarding Training, Nutrition, Rest & Recovery, and Life. We want them to Utilize their Strengths for Success and make sure their weaker areas are up to a specific level of competence. It’s time for IPF to step up and do the same.

Our Website hasn’t been re-done to make it the “Best”. This version is better than the last, and with some Consistent Work, will continue to Improve. Just like You/We will. We are “Leveling-Up” in one of our areas while continuing to emphasize, as always, Training.    

Please stop back “Here” whenever you would like. We are going to consistently add content, information, and “Fun” every week.

Ideally, we hope that our website tells you just enough about us that you would like to see, hear and know more about IPF. But, if it just makes you smile, or provides you with information, or even helps you make a decision about going to a different gym, that is also fine. As long as we have, in some way, helped you Get Better, our website is achieving its purpose. After all, whether it’s our new Website, our facility, our focus on Training, or our Commitment to our clients, IPF’s call-to-arms is always…


If you’re ready to join us on this journey and Improve Yourself, please contact us for more information.