The Pulse

Summer-Fall 2020 Updates

As we finish Summer 2020 at the Institute, here is our Update for All Things IPF as we enter Fall 2020:


This Summer was the most Unique and Rewarding Summer for our Facility in quite some time…

We Trained Athletes Outside on our Enclosed 3000sq ft Outdoor Turf and it was Awesome. We moved the Entire Gym Outside + Inside each Day so that we could Meet + Exceed our Athlete’s Needs.

It was Work.

It Was Hot.

It was Glorious.

A Huge Thank You to Everyone who Started Outside before certain Restrictions were Lifted…


And then we Trained Outside + Inside, and the Improvements continued;

We Re-Configured the Gym for Space, Distancing and Success.

We Taught our Athletes + Adults How to Adapt + Overcome New Training Guidelines, and they Crushed It!

We were able to Sustain Major Improvements for Athletes and also for those Attempting to Improve their Personal Health.

It wasn’t a “Normal” Summer, but it was an Awesome Summer.


What Happens Now?

As we Excitedly Prepare for Fall 2020, here is What You Should Know:

This is the Cleanest, Most Functional and “Best” our Facility has ever been!!!

We are using all our Space (8400sq Ft Indoors + ~3000sq ft Outside) to Help People Upgrade their Health.

Our Staff is Amazing and Dedicated to Assisting Everyone They Can (as They have Demonstrated all Summer by going the Extra Mile: Extra Conversations, Phone Calls, Text, Advice/Perspective, Providing Resources, etc.).

They just Don’t Stop!


We have Programs Opening Up in September for Adults, Athletes, Individuals, Small Groups, etc., that can be Customized for Your Personal Success.

The Best Time to Start is Always Now, and We are Ready.

Our Adult Groups Train x2-x4 each Week and are Accepting New Clients.

Our PT Schedules have Openings based on New Schedules, for Kids + Adults.

We have Talented and Qualified Coaches available from 4:30am to 8:00pm and Want to Make It Work for You.

Our Athlete Groups have begun Enrollment for the Fall, with many New Athletes using IPF as their School Activity/Sport and Receiving Credit from their Respective Schools. We are Thrilled.

An Equal Number of Students are continuing their Athletic Development by Training at IPF this Fall, and we couldn’t be Happier.

Steady, Consistent Progress, combined with Education (Nutrition, Habits, Behavior, Sleep, Recovery, + more) makes for Athletes that Continue to Get Better…


Additionally, we are Prepared (because we have to be) for the “Return” of Students/Athletes as College, Prep, and High School Campuses Close for Covid/Safety Reasons.

This “Semester/School Year” looks very different already, and many Students/Athletes are Training at IPF during their Fall Term for the 1st Time.

We Understand that Health + Fitness has never been more Necessary than right now and are Welcoming all Students/Athletes to IPF with a Variety of Programs, Times and Schedules.

This Period is either Opportunity or Hardship, but the Choice is yours.

We have Been Navigating People from Struggle to Success for over a

Decade, and We Won’t Stop Now. Come Join Us!


We are Taking and Training Clients On-Line for the 1st Time at IPF!

Want Help at Home, Far Away or to Jump-Start Your Personal Fitness?

We have many different Programs Available for You.

We are Incredibly Excited and Passionate about this Project, so Get Ready to Be your Best Self!


For Any and All Information about IPF, Call, Message or simply Come By the Gym and Talk To One of Us!

We Want to Help, it’s What We Do and Love, and Look Forward To Helping People in this Time of Need and Opportunity…

You Have Nothing to Lose by Having a Conversation.

You have Everything to gain By Taking a Step…

Our Passion is People, and We Will Help You (We 100% Believe It), so Let’s Talk About What Happens Next…


Let’s Get Better!