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On the Road Again: From IPF to Anywhere


What would you do to Chase your Dream?


Would you Work as Hard as you could, up to 8 hours a day?


Would you change your Body, and Add 11 pounds of Muscle?
Would you Travel, all over the World, to places you have never been, to Play your way to Success?

Chasing Your Dream sounds Great until you Start the Chase and you see how challenging it is going to be to get there.


That’s why it’s so incredible that the Dream is within reach for yet another of IPF’s phenomenal female athletes – WTF Tennis Pro Brittany Collens.


Brittany has put in the time, effort, and work and drastically improved her fitness, as she embarks on her Journey of being a Professional Tennis Player.


If you have seen Britt in the Gym, you have seen 3 important things:


  1. Her Work Ethic – She has no Fear of Doing What it Takes
  2. Her Infectious Smile – She is always quick to say Hello and see how you are doing
  3. Her Entire Life, Wardrobe, and Diet is in a variety of Bags that she brings with her everywhere – When Britt leaves the House in the morning, she doesn’t return until late in the Evening, making many stops along the way….


Just 6 months into her Tennis Expedition, and already Recording 18 Wins, Britt is making many “Stops” along the way. Outside the United States, she has been to Turkey, Egypt and Spain for Tournaments, staying for weeks at a time. In the U.S., she has Played in Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, New Jersey, and even played a few Matches in Boston J


Next time you see Britt @IPF – and you will because she is a Gym Rat in the Best Way Possible – Say Hello and ask her “Where are you Headed Next?


With, passport in Hand and an, Attitude of Improvement, she is more than ready to Chase Her Dream…


Walter Norton Jr

Institute of Performance and Fitness