The Pulse

What Does The New Season Bring?

Summer is winding down, and with it, the Concept of Change creeps in…

The Change in “Season”, the Change in Weather, the Change in Schedule, and Hopefully the Change in You!

I have written previously about the Amazing Summer at IPF. It was incredible and one of the Best we have ever had…

That being said, Summer Session is over and What Do We Do Now?

If you know us and the Gym, We are always Working towards Improvement, towards “Better” … It’s What we Do…

But What about You? How Do You Move Towards Better?

How do you Find your Healthiest Self?

How Do you Continue your momentum from the Summer?

How Do you get over the last “Hump” with Your Weight, your Waist, your Strength, your Diet, your Attitude, etc.?

It’s not easy, but “Better” rarely is…

Here are some Options:

  • 1 ) Have a Plan. What is My goal and Backfill from there! What am I going to do? When and How Often am I going to do it? When do I Evaluate how it is going? Am I OK on my own or Do I need Help (like so many of us do)
  • 2 ) Seek Accountability and Structure. Not everyone enjoys having to “Report In” or being told “when + Where”, but almost all of us are Better for it! Find a Place, Person or Group of People that will raise your Levels of Accountability and, in-turn, your Performance!
  • 3) Keep Moving Forward. Slow is always a step-up from No. Walking is Better than Sitting. Reading is Better than Watching. Cooking is Better than Feeding. Planning is better than Reacting. Living is Better than Waiting… Move Slowly towards a Better You, but Move nonetheless…
  • 4) Understand the “Healthy 24” Rule. We all have 24hrs each Day, no more, no less. We also have a Sleep Requirement of ~8hrs each Day. It may vary +/- 30min, but we are all on the same Clock. That gives us 16hrs to Live and Get Shit Done. The “Healthier” you are, the more Energy You Have, the better each Day is… For You and those Around You!!! We Don’t get “More” Hours, we Get “Better” Hours! Get Healthy and Use them Wisely…
  • 5) Have Urgency for Today, Be Patient with Tomorrow. Not a Contradiction, but a Mantra for Success. Everyone wants to be Better Right Now. We want it Easier, Faster, Quicker and in Less Time. Improvement, Health, and Life don’t work that way. It is a slow, non-linear Process that we have Input with, but not 100% Control Over.

With that in mind, Be “Urgent” Today: Focus on the Now=Be Present. Have a Plan=Do What is Important to You. Be Accountable=Did You Get It Done? Why or Why Not? Be “Aware”=What are Strengths and Weaknesses? Are We Working towards Better? Be Urgent!

Be Patient with Tomorrow means You Control Your Attitude and Mind-Set, but little else. Don’t Worry about the “Extras”: the Weather, Traffic, Somebody Else’s Bad Day, Someone Running Late, or New events that Challenge your Success. They are all coming, Be Patient and Let Them Come… Just Don’t Rush to Meet Them, Be Patient J

If we at IPF Can Help You, Contact Us and We Will! If not, go somewhere, do something, and Get Better! There is an Old Saying that has been true since I heard it the 1st time: “If you Think you Have Peaked, You are Right”. Your Attitude determines Your Altitude in many cases. That having been said, there is Plenty of Improvement to go around for many more years, so grab the right Mind-Set and Let’s Go Baby!!!