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My Personal Checklist


My (Insert Name Here) Personal Check-List:


Everything is Different for Everybody. Everything is Similar for Everyone.

Everything is Different…

What I mean to say is that most of us have certain Criteria or Standards that are used to Determine “What is Important to Us”. What Get’s Your Time, Your Energy, Your Focus before Everything else (or is used to Improve Everything else). Some are fairly consistent throughout your Life: Health, Family, Vocation, Education, etc). Some Come and Go via “What is Important Now”: Sports, Learning a Language, Perfecting a Skill, Learning a Craft, etc.

The Variety occurs Person to Person based on Where they are in their Life, Recent Events, Past Events, Nurture, Social Cirlcle, Partner Opinion, etc.

Everything is Similar…

Life Happens. For EVERYONE. Very few People ever really Understand that Stress is Relative and is a Choice. You, and Only You, Give Power to things like Opinion (you Pick and Choose), Your Passion, a Size on a Tag, the Scale, Opportunity, Change, etc.

I have always Loved the Saying:

“One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure” as it is 100% True. What some think of as Waste, Beneath Them, or Useless, others Rejoice in the same Situation, Opportunity or Possession.

Uniquely, we all Have Different Stress but Fortunately, we all Have the Same Opportunity when responding: We Have a “Choice”. A Saying I have Loved much more is certainly one you have heard @IPF:

“It’s Not the Problem that’s the Problem, It’s Your Response/Attitude that’s the Problem”…


Awesome. Now What are You Doing about Your “Problem?” In this Case, Your Health. Why is it a Problem? Call it an Opportunity. Call it a Passion. Cal it a Burden. Call it what you Need to so that you are Aware and Willing to Improve it. But What are You Doing About It? Once Your Health Goes, EVERYTHING else goes as well, so you may as well recognize Ground Zero and treat it with the respect it Demands…

History of Poor Health in your Family?


Wild Fluctuations in Personal Care throughout the Years?


Dysfunctional Relationship with One (or more) Behavior over time that led you to Ignore Warning Signs, Danger, and even Did Bodily Harm to Yourself?


Personality has dictated Path of Fitness? (All-In, Not Enough, Go Hard, Start Soon, When I Have Time, With a Friend, etc)


Work Endeavor, Athletic Pursuit, or Hobby/Passion caused enough Damage to Stop, but never “Healed”. Damage was Substantial enough to Last a Lifetime?


Your Organization, Priorities, Decisions and Mind-set limit your Ability to Continue to Improve, even though you are acutely Aware it happens to (other) People Daily?


My (Insert Name Here) Personal Checklist:


Why do we Need a Personal Checklist? Because you want a Different Result. This Outcome is not all you are “Destined” for. It is not “Just” You, unless you Settle into it, Accept it, and Wear it as your (Mediocre) Attitude/Mind-Set Daily. What You Care About gets your Best Efforts, and You will Excel where you “Spend: your Energy provided you have (and continually Evaluate) a Plan…

For Todays Purposes, Here is my Professional Health + Wellness Checklist:


“Now” Urgent:                      Shoulder  

         Treatment:                    Physical Therapy           ~2x Week

         Treatment:                    Dry Needling                ~1x Week

         Treatment:                    Massage                       ~1x Week   


Aware:                                  Body (Stress{Sleep}, Training, T-Spine, Life, etc)

         Treatment:                    Massage                       ~1x Week(=2)


Management:                   Bigger Picture

         Treatment:                    Dentist                         x~4Months

         Treatment:                    Dr=Specific Health        x~6Months

                  Specific Health: Currently=Testosterone Levels + Heart, Lungs, etc.    


Long-Term:                           Existing Issues (based on History + Current Conditions)

         Treatment:                    Right Knee          MRI + Cortisone Shot*

                  Complete Shoulder Rehab, Find Balance of Strength + Weight for Knee

          Treatment:                     Family Mortality   Awareness of History

                  Commit to “Sustainable + Manageable” Plan of Fitness for 10yrs


“Everydays”:                         General Health (Updated every 2 Months)       

                                                      I Want to Be More Fit

                                                      I Want to Move Better

                                                      I Want more Energy


         Treatment:                  Sleep:                  ~8hrs Night                           56+hrs Week

         Treatment:                  Diet:         Eat More “Meals”          Prep 4 Meals Week

         Treatment:                  Cook:        Try 1 New Recipe every 2 Weeks

         Treatment:                  Train:       Set Schedule w/Understanding that Time=Value

         Treatment:                  Stress:      Let Yesterday Go


Professional(s) I am comfortable Recommending:


Massage:                               JR (Massagebyjr @IPF)

Physical Therapists:           Rachel Lampros   (Mass General) + Dry Kneedling

                                                Scott Waugh          (Mass General) Sports Injuries

                                                George Leung       ( + Acupunture

Chiropractor:                       John Marchese    ( Total Body