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The Pulse

How Do We Get to Easier?

People Love “Easy”. It’s Human Nature.

Easy works for some, but definitely not for All…

People don’t Love Structure, in part because it’s not Easy, and in part because they cede Control to Someone, or Something, else…

Structure, however uncomfortable, tends to Work for many, and Bring them towards “Better” …


Easy and Structure aren’t Opposites, but they aren’t usually a Pair either…

In fact, Easy and Structure tend to Diverge almost everywhere, except in the Human Consciousness, where they Converge at “Easier” …


“Easier” is everything. Everything we want in Life.

Easier means Time Saved, Less Strain/Effort, Greater Efficiency, etc.

Easier is Valuable, Easier is Functional, Easier is Optimal…


So how do we take “Easier” and Apply it to your Health?

We Evaluate What You are Doing (and Not Doing) and Adjust Your Plan…

We Examine Your Knowledge and Educate…

We Inspect Your Actions and Reshape Behaviors…

We Witness Your Consistency and Adapt to your History…

The Problem is, Getting to Easier is the Hard Part, because it typically requires Improvement in Areas where you are Deficient…


How Do We Make “Easier” a bit Easier?


Where Do We Start?

In the Training World, in simplest Terms, we Start with the Training Triangle:

Training/Physical Activity

Nutrition/Body + Brain Fuel

Recovery/Sleep and Sleep Strategies


How do we Converge “Easy” + “Structure”?

By starting Simple…


Training = Move

Nutrition = Eat

Recovery = Sleep


Let’s Translate that to Actions:



Move:          for 30min+ or 10k Steps every Day

Eat:            >25g of Protein x3 Meals per Day

Sleep:         “In Bed” for 8hrs each Night



Move:          3 Training Sessions Weekly + 12k Steps Daily

Eat:            Meal Calendar Weekly, Plan for Each Meal

Sleep:         Use Journal for Hours each Night + How You Feel



Move:          3-4 Workouts, 2 Easy Walks, 12k Steps Daily

Eat:            Cook All Meals at Home, Measure Portions

Sleep:         Use a Sleep App Nightly, Have “Routines,” Review Data   


Where are You? Are you on this Spectrum? Find your Current Location and then we can Begin to Make Your Life Better by Making it Easier…