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Paige Maguire

Professional Journey

Paige joined the IPF team as an intern in June 2016 and was promoted just a few months later to a full-time strength and conditioning coach due to her exceptional performance assisting with IPF’s summer athlete program. As an IPF coach, Paige works with athletes and non-athletes of all ages and abilities in both our athlete training and adult group training programs and personal trains adults and youth who require or prefer one-on-one attention. Paige also helps coordinate IPF’s social media and promotional campaigns.

Her recent and previous coaching experience includes:

  • Members of the Women’s U.S. National Ice Hockey Team
  • Current and former members of the Women’s U.S. National Soccer Team
  • Middle School and High School athletes and sports teams
  • Collegiate athletes and sports teams
  • Corporate Fitness Intern at Reach Fitness in Burlington, MA
  • Health and Fitness Specialist at Mitre in Bedford, MA

Paige is a coach you can always rely on for encouragement and support, but also some tough love when you need it. She really cares about the clients and the process they are going through but she also knows that it takes hard work and perseverance to enhance your health, your habits, and your life.

Paige attended the University of Massachusetts Lowell where she earned a B.S. in Exercise Physiology.

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Personal Journey

Paige can remember forming a deep interest in fitness at the age of 15; working out, dancing, or playing lacrosse were her activities of choice. However, her desire to pursue a career in the field of strength and conditioning was truly piqued after developing a friendship with a young girl who had a severe disability. Through this friendship, Paige was exposed to physical therapy for the first time and saw the positive impact PT sessions could have for both the body and the mind. This experience led her to pursue the exercise physiology program at UMass Lowell.

Yet it wasn’t until she got her first internship in the fitness industry that Paige knew for certain that she had found the right career path. “I absolutely loved leading a group fitness class and applying my coaching skills to help people lose weight and gain muscle.”

Paige always strives to role model a positive attitude and self-confidence for her clients. “I want to inspire people to exercise and make healthy lifestyle changes by demonstrating how it results in feeling better both physically and emotionally. When I feel like a client may have some self-doubt, I get even more passionate about showing them that they can accomplish the task before them.”

Working with young athletes is especially inspiring and enjoyable for Paige. “I feel very strongly that it is important to plant the seed for an active lifestyle and good nutrition with kids as early as possible. That’s one of the key reasons I wanted to work at IPF. Every day, we have the opportunity to make a significant impact on how an athlete chooses to behave, eat, sleep, recover, and train. There is nothing more exciting or fun than that!”    

A native and current resident of Wakefield, MA, Paige enjoys exploring anything different, whether it’s traveling to a new place, trying a new physical activity, or even attempting to find new ways to relax and restore. She also loves the fresh air, especially on a mountain, so if Paige is not at work, you can find her skiing, biking, hiking, or walking her dog.