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Dig Deeper-Big Picture Concepts

My (Insert Name Here) Individualized Plan:

(Based on last weeks’ Talk + Evaluation of my Current Habits)


Big Picture Points:

Sleep                           Why is this such a Big Deal? A Better Question would be, why isn’t this a Bigger Deal? Healthy Sleep is currently the “Hot Topic” in the Training/Recovery/Nutrition Triangle due to the Volume of Data proclaiming its Power + Relevance. We ask clients to consider 3 Aspects of Pertinent Individual Information:

Sleep and the Strong Correlation to Disease Acquisition/Overall Health. Look at your Family History. Look at your Current Sleep Habits. Look at your Overall Health Goals. We have provided additional Handouts to further the “Sleep Argument”, but we leave you with this thought: “You don’t know How Tired You Are until You are Fully Recovered.” So many people are “accustomed” to Being Exhausted that they have forgotten what “Good “Feels Like. Are you in that Category?


Diet                    In the last Handout I indicated Eating more (Food) Meals was part of my Goal Plan to Get Healthier + Leaner (Reduce Bodyfat).

This is where People Dig their Heels In. We have focused on the Proven Concept of Eat More/Exercise More to become Fit + Healthy. It is one of the most Resisted Methods that we promote @IPF. “I only Lose Weight Not Eating Carbs”, “this Diet has been the one that Works for Me”, “I am doing the 28Day Cleanse/Challenge/Lose My Mind” are the most common responses we receive.

Regardless of the Approach, most “Diets” give you a Weak Short-Term Positive with a Stronger Long-Term Negative. Your Mind, Hormones, Metabolism and Habits are more Sensitive to Stupidity than we would care to Admit.

Food Strategies are Successful when they are Sustainable, and Built through Science. When was the last time you Fact-Checked your Principles instead of going on Advice, the Internet or Opinion? For many, the Stress that comes with the topic of “Food” leads to more problematic Outcomes than Consumption itself. All ends of the Spectrum apply here, as it may be the Over-Management of “Macros/Counting Calories”, Controlling Intake, or simply Portion Control. It can be linked emotionally with the Association of Food/Eating with Stress, Lack of Definitive Willpower and even the Rationalization of Rewarding/Earning your Treats. Stress from Food, when it is supposed to actually have the opposite (Healing) effect, is a problem for a great many in the population, and potentially many reading this now


Stress                 Your Workout falls into this Category. Yes, Stress. Physical Stress is a Big Deal and the release of Cortisol relative to your Workout is very powerful. There is often the Mindset that “Your Workout is Your Time”, “It Relieves your Stress” or “It helps you Start the Day Right”.

All of that can be partially true but the truth is you are still Adding Stress to Your Day.

Which is Why you are in the Business of Stress Management, not Stress Elimination. Workouts are Stress Followed by Relaxation (hopefully), as your Recovery Determines Your Success. Massages are Stress that Promote Recovery, and can Lead to Greater Performance. The Steam, Sauna, Hot Baths, Cold or Contrast Showers, Naps, Walks, Meditation, Time Alone, Time with Pets can all help dissipate Stress and encourage Relaxation.

The Biggest “Take-Away” from Stress should refer back to the top of the page: See Sleep. Just as you cannot “Out-Train a Bad Diet”, you cannot “Out-Live Poor Sleep”.

Think about how many Mattress and Pillow Ads you have seen on TV. Think about how many physical places you can by a Mattress, and just how big that Industry has become. I was in a Store recently and the Variety of Options was just ahead of the Range of Prices in terms of Offerings. I could have spent $300 for a “Guest” Mattress (no Structure or Spring, just Mattress), or I could choose a Hypo-Allergenic, All-Natural, Body Contouring Mattress for $9000. There were easily 100 choices along the Spectrum. It was potentially overwhelming, and borderline exciting. I was much closer to the $9000 Model than I was the $300, and I had the Math to back me up. Over the next 10 years, the $9K Mattress Costs me $2.60per Night of Sleep with an Average of 350 Nights per Year.

$2.60per Nightx350Nights=$910/x10yrs=$9100/x11yrs=$10,010* (Value)

Better Stat: ~8hrs per Night x350 Nights=2800hrs x10yrs=28,000hrs=~$.32hr

This is less an example of rational thought and more to highlight just how important I view Sleep, and in turn, Stress…



Mind-Set                     “Letting Yesterday Go” has become something of a Mantra for me. The “Quality” of the Day is off little consequence to me. The Importance of “Today” is my Focus. I don’t want to carry (my Baggage) Stress around with Me: Day-to-Day, or Place-to-Place. Letting it Go and Channeling my Energy to a Positive Outcome Today is an Effective and Efficient way for me to Function.

My other “Mantra” of (recent) Note is: “Until It’s Done”. I want to see things through, and I can often be thrown off of my route via New Information, New Ideas, or simply a New Stimulus. This is a “Re-Fresh” of an age-old issue for me. I want to “Finish” more Effectively. We all do. Great Ideas are terrific when Implemented, not simply upon origin. Action is always Important, but the last 20% separates Great from Good. If my goal is to Be Great, the End is as Important as the first Step of Action….


         Your Words…               What is your Mantra(s)?