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Developing Habits, Developing Athletes…

Why Do People Train?


  • Health: “The Greatest Ability is Availability” is the Truth to many Athletes, Coaches and Trainers. The more “Resilient” you are, the less likely you are to be Hurt, Injured, or Incapable of Playing again. Resiliency is built up through a number of factors, including Training. Health can be determined by a number of characteristics: Games/Practices Missed, Days of School Missed (8), How Often you are Sick (3<), Family History, etc….
  • Athleticism: Speed, Strength, the Ability to Change direction, Be Evasive, etc., are some of the terms associated with being an Athlete. Training should Develop those attributes so that your current Skills, Performed Faster or with more Fluidity, make you more Athletic. Training with a Purpose is much different than Working Out…
  • Improvement: Coordination, Fluidity, Fitness, Toughness, Process, Mind-Set, Grit, etc., are all part of Training. Initially, for younger Athletes, it is a by-product of Training. Over time, it becomes the Focus of Development so that each Athlete can Improve in Areas that are more necessary for their Individual Needs.


3 Tests to Take (only when you are ready):


  • Eyeball Test: Do You Look Like a Good College Player? Are Physically and Mentally Equipped to Play a College Sport? How would a College Coach Know That?


  • 100 People in a Room Test: Are willing to Outwork the other 99 People in the room to be Great? Train Smarter? Sleep Longer? Eat Better? Practice on your Own? Every Day for all of these?


  • 72hrs on your Own Test: If your Parents Disappeared for 72hrs right now, could you Function? Get to School on-time? Prepare and Eat your own Food? Got to Bed and Get-Up on your own? Make your Bed, Clean up your Mess, Do your Homework, etc.? The Kids we have seen who can “Function” on their Own have had the Greatest Success. Before you use Age as an Excuse: Parents, what are you Teaching your Kids-to Need You or to Flourish without you? Kids: if your Success always depends on someone Else, you will never Improve on your Own…


Nutrition:          Simple is Success

  • Eat Breakfast Every day. “Great Days” don’t Start Poorly. If you can’t get-up to Eat Breakfast*, you just wasted 30min listening to us. You won’t be “Great” anytime soon.
  • Eat Food from your House. Not in Restaurants, not out of Wrappers, and not Junk. Help your Parents Shop, Prepare and Cook*. Real Food Wins.               College and Pro Teams adopting this everyday…
  • Simple Dinner Plate: 1-2 Meat/Chicken/Fish, 2-3 Vegetables, 1 Starch/Potato/Rice.     3 Glasses Water. If you finish that, Eat Dessert !  


Walter Norton Jr

Institute of Performance and Fitness