The Pulse

Concepts Over Concrete


There are few “Rules”, but there are many Principles.

Looking for the Answers is understandable in many situations and Nutrition is no different. We all want a Simple Plan and Positive Outcomes. The Problem that arises for most is that they want an Easy-to-Follow “Set of Instructions”. This works with your table from Ikea, and how to start your lawnmower, but can hurt your long-term Success with Nutrition. Often, the Set of Instructions You are following or want to follow were designed for someone else. Or maybe they were not “Designed” at all. Verifying the Science behind Nutrition seems to be more Opinion than Fact in 2017. What can be effective, and are typically overlooked, are the Structure, Habits, and Dedication that were demonstrated while you tried to Improve your Nutrition. Those Characteristics have Value in every part of your Life. Use them when you can…

Who is Talking to You and What are they Selling?

Be careful who is given access to your Mind, Choices, and Heart. The Internet is full of Experts preaching “Personal-Growth”, “Healthier Lifestyles” and “A Better Tomorrow” (see IPF’s 1-Min Mojo for our own Version). Information is rarely without a “Catch”, Bias, or not Motivated by Money. Some of these “Purchases” are worth the Expense (Financially and Metaphorically Speaking). For Instance, I enjoy listening to Tony Robbins. I find some elements of his Talks and Thoughts to be beneficial and relative to me. I have never once considered spending the minimum of ~$2500 to meet him at an Event. I don’t consider him to be the Final Word or even the best possible source for Inspiration. I just like some of his stuff. Some of his “Performances” make me uneasy, as they pander to an audience that is dying for a “Set Path”. I don’t mind seeing both sides to get just a bit of Information from him. I am always aware that he is a businessman, and he is earning his living, if not more.

With Nutrition, the same Concepts should always be kept in mind. I don’t think a Grapefruit will change my Life, I don’t subscribe to the accuracy of the Caveman Diet, and yet there are certain Elements in many “Plans” that have crossover Appeal (and Validity). I can Love Something and still see that it is not perfect, just as I can Hate something (or someone) and recognize a positive contribution from the source regardless of my personal feelings.

Are You Making a Short-Term Choice or a Long-Term Choice?

First and Foremost, every choice is a Short-Term Choice until proven otherwise. But many choices are not made with any sense of Time other than “Now”. This has been a broader topic @IPF than anticipated, as we have discussed this a great deal in the last 6-8 weeks. A few Examples of recent Topics:

 Your Short-Term “Stubbornness” with Injury becomes a Long-Term Relationship. A small tweak, a flare-up, or pure exhaustion puts you in a in a weakened state. Not enough to stop Exercising, but enough to make you aware and impair you. You battle through, ignoring/putting up with the soreness, and don’t miss a single day. You are a “Warrior” and you will out-effort this just like you have everything else in Life… And then it Hurts. You can put pressure on the Joint/Spot, it is Difficult to Move, and the surrounding area has become tender. How is that “Toughness” going for you now? We have all been through this, and most choices are affected by others just like them. Example: I needed Knee Surgery as I Graduated College in 1993. I declined as I was going to Play in Europe and it was “Time-Sensitive”. 24yrs later, my Knee is intermittently sore and requires attention weekly. Generally, Joints/Bones don’t Heal themselves. At some point, another Decision will be forced upon me, but I better see it coming. Even if I am happy with my Choice, I am aware of the Consequences.

 Your “Short-Term” Diet to get you “Back on Track”, “Restore the Old You” or “Tune You Up” will help you lose a few Pounds and also ruin your next 3-6 Months. You get “Strict”, eliminate everything you enjoy (Carbs, Alcohol, Dessert, etc.) and eat Protein and Vegetables in small amounts for ~6weeks. The last 2 weeks are especially difficult as your “Cravings” are off-the charts and you miss everything in your Life that you gave up (typically your Friends as well). You either break down, reward yourself, or binge for one day and then everything is back on the table. This type of behavior is commonly associated with School Reunions, Pool Parties, Galas or just Summer. You “See” some Positive Results early on, but you Feel a completely different way…And the worst is yet to come. The delicate and intricate System of Hormones that Runs Your Body is about to let you know what Damage has been done. By changing the Way you Do Business, your Body may soon be Closing for Renovations: Fatigue, Poor Sleep Quality, Low Libido, Mood and Weight Fluctuations are all signs of Hormonal Imbalance. Wait, What Did You Say-that it Sounds like Stress? Just where do you think Stress occurs and how do we Find Balance? Your Hormones. Your Diet gives your Hormones most of the Tools necessary to Live Your Life if you are Eating “Well”. Restricting certain Foods, Volume, or both (which many do) generally cause a big Wave…and a corresponding “Splash”.


You Think “Let me just get through this…(blank period) of my Life” and I will Be Better and Improve “Later”. Waiting for the “Perfect Time” is like waiting for someone to come Mow Your Lawn. It seems plausible, especially if someone else is mowing theirs’, but never actually happens without Action and a Plan. Gutting it Out almost always equals Extending the Pain. Life doesn’t Give You “Planned Awesome”, it Happens based on Your Actions and Re-Actions to Events.


Waiting for the “Perfect Time” to Start ANYTHING is something that I have NEVER seen work in 25-years of Coaching. The Concept of “Perfect” is so galling to me that its pursuit typically derives from those who want “Control”, “Purpose” or simply Do Not Know Themselves. In truth, this may be the most dangerous Short-Term, Long-Term of them all as a lack of Self-Awareness means you are never Planning for You, because you don’t Know “You”. We have all tried to be “Perfect”, and sometimes even get a taste of it: a great quiz or test, a terrific evening, a plan that flows as smooth as a river or just the best vacation ever. Most of that “Perfect” comes from either a number of failures that provided guidance, a series of good choices in the moment, luck, or all 3. It is just very hard to have all of those factors lining up every day for you.


An “A” is regarded as Excellence, and typically well-earned for a Set Period of Time. A “B” is regarded as Good, and typically well-earned and well-received for your Lifetime…