The Pulse

Choose Your System-Track Your Progress!

This is the Group Handout given to our Adult Groups (Monday is Information + Discussion Day) at the beginning of the Workout. Each Handout is explained, Discussed and then some form of “Homework” (Self-Improvement) is given…


Monday Handout=Choice of “Systems”

#’s=1-5 (1-10) (1-100~Grades)

Letters=”Grades” A,B,C,D,F +/-                       

Yes/No=Did I Eat Well Enough to Improve? Yes/No?

These are the “Simplest”, most common Systems of Tracking that most of us have been exposed to/used in the past. Whether you are using Numbers, Letters, or Yes/No, these Systems can all be configured in less than 1 minute per day. If you are currently using a “Different” System-Awesome! Keep doing so and please share what you Learned thus far!

For the Next 2 Weeks (and anything longer) to have some Validity, we need more than just “I Tried to….” or “I think I ….” Good Intentions are Terrific, but Good Methods are Better…  


When it comes to “Systems”, your Ability to Evaluate is Equal to Implementation.

How you Record Results determines What + How you Evaluate.

Your Baseline: “What You Are Doing Right Now”

Your Baseline is not: “What is Perfect”

Have a Goal and a “Destination” in your Mind. It should be Clearly Defined + Realistic.


To Improve, Start with Where You Are, and Plot a Course Forward…

Short-Term Goals have a Higher Rate of Success with Small “Wins” Daily/Weekly. The “Big Picture” is Today J


When Habits and Behaviors are Fully Formed and Very Good, Start with a Goal and Backfill. You can Focus on the Macro Cycle/Big Picture and Let the Formula of Time + Consistency x Good Habits = Win Your Goal(s).


Choose a System of Evaluation and Track the 3 Main Categories:





We also request that you choose 1 Category specific to “You”:

If you struggle with Organization, you correlate Mood to Success, Meal Prep is your Point of Emphasis, you need to do something for “yourself” each Day, Choose your Category and Track Specific to You! Same Tracking “System”, same Methodology.


Track your “Core 4” for the next 2 Weeks, using either of the 3 Systems Provided, or any System currently in place.

“We Can’t Manage what we Don’t Measure” is a common Business Refrain, and applies to your Body as well.


Lets start the Process as Simple as possible, Build Habits and Equity, and Evaluate exactly what the “Data” says in 14 Days.


There are 1k Systems that are more Advanced, more Detailed, and potentially more Benefical. Let’s Start Here and Go…