The Pulse

Change These Three Instruments

The “Update” isn’t Uplifting, and nobody wants to have another conversation about the last ~7months. Things aren’t Great, Recovery is a Long Process and the Future is a lot less Encouraging than we had planned…


Unless you Change 3-Instruments at your Disposal pretty damn quickly.

If you Do, Your Past becomes Your Learning Tool, Your “Now” takes a Positive Shape, and You Future is Everything You Want It to Be (and Longer) …


What Needs Changing?

Initially, Your Mind-Set, the Thoughts You Think.

Where “I Should” becomes I Will.

Where I Want To becomes I Am.

Where the Right Thing to Do is the Thing that Gets Done.

Your Thoughts are Everything, so the Moment Your “Self-Talk” Improves, So Do You…

I Will Treat My Health and My Body with Respect.

I Will Learn from History + Science and Improve My Health (and Lifespan).

I am Aware of the Virus, and other Health Factors (Family History, Current Condition, etc.), and I Understand that I Can Improve…


Next, I will Use Action to Influence My Outcome.

Recognizing My Current Condition isn’t enough on its own, I Need to Change/Improve.

Giving Motion to My Thoughts = Taking Action Steps towards Better.

Action, however Small or Unimportant it may appear to others, is movement towards “Better”.

Small Steps can Lead to Big Steps, particularly with regards to Health.

Not taking Steps literally leads you nowhere.

The Stationary You, In Thought, Action, or Opinion, is a Dangerous You, because We can still All Learn as We Go. If We Learn, We Move (Mentally, Emotionally, Physically). If We never Change, We Rarely Improve or Evolve.


With Thought and Action, We Need a Plan.

We Need the Structure of a Process, that helps Keep Us on track towards “Better”, but that also allows us to Emphasize our Strengths in doing so.

We Need to Plot Out the Details of Your Success.

We Need to avoid the Mistakes and Repetitive Roadblocks that have Sabotaged Your previous Efforts.

We Need a Great Plan…


Writing Your Plan, for Today, is Easy.

Do 1-Thing Better.

Walk a little further.

Eat 1 more Vegetable.

Call1 more Friend.

Listen 1 more minute to a Family Member.

Whatever it would be, Invest 1-more Minute or 1% more Effort.

That Works for Today.

But it doesn’t Work Long-Term.


A Great Plan is two-fold:

It Recognizes who You Are at this very moment, the Best and Worst of You, and uses as much Information as necessary to Get You Better.

A Great Plan also understands that it doesn’t last Forever.

It knows Change is coming. It Evolves.

It is Re-Written after You have Taken Action.

A Great Plan expects to be Evaluated, and Improved. Just Like You.


Change is never as easy as its written-on Paper, so How can We get to a Place where You are Becoming a Better Version of Yourself using Your Thoughts, Your Actions, and a Great Plan?


An Individual can be so Strong.

A Team is so much Stronger.

A Community is always the Strongest.


At IPF, We Specialize in the Above.

We Help People Think Different Thoughts, Take Appropriate Actions, and Help Write the Plans that Bring Them Success.

Some of our Clients are in the 12th Year of “Better” with Us.

Some began last week.

Regardless of the History, Now is Always the Most Important Time in Your Life.

We Can Help Right Now.

We Want to Help Right Now.

We All Need Help Right Now.


Personal Problems, Pandemic, Poor Self-Talk?

These, and 10k more are the Concepts Everyone is Struggling with at this moment.

How does that Change?

Together, and It will be so Positive and so Powerful.

But nothing Changes unless You Do.

We are Offering Help.


Come by and Let’s Talk.

It starts with a Conversation and Communication.

Not comfortable coming by? Call. We want to Help.

Not ready to talk? Email. Direct Message. Text.

Take a Step. Everyone is Always Glad they Did.


We can’t wait, as there is no Pill, Vaccine, Cure or Remedy for the “Stationary” Life.

The Stationary Life Doesn’t Move, Evolve or Enjoy like it could.

This unprecedented Era in our Lifetime has pushed “Different” down our throat.

Choosing to Adapt and Embrace the opportunity to Be “Better” is both a Wonderful and Terrifying Option…

We have been Helping People Navigate and Explore their Options for over 20yrs with Great Success.

It is always Easier Together.

Let’s Use Your Action and Our Experience to Create a Plan that Energizes You, In Body and Spirit.

Let’s Take a Step Together.


Help is Always Here when You Want It.