The Pulse

Building “Better” into Your Day

Regardless of what is Going On in Society, We All, as Individuals, Have to Get Things Done…

Please Understand that the previous Statement includes when things are Going Well and when things are Going “not so well”(an important concept as many of us only use one side of that spectrum) …

 Most of Us think about Improvement when we absolutely need to, when things aren’t going well, or after “Disappointment” hits us hard. We use the Negative Emotion as Fuel to Improve and have a desire to Scale New Heights…

By using the “Feeling” of Disappointment as a source of Inspiration, we are also returning to “Negative” repeatedly in an effort to Move Forward. The Power of that Emotion can have Positive Affects, but it also can have us Living with a Negative View of Ourselves and our Lives for an extended period of Time… 

Others Focus on Personal Improvement as an Integral Portion of their Daily/Weekly Routine. They are constantly “Hacking” (a Word I Hate) and Tinkering with their Structure, Schedule, Knowledge, Diet, etc. in an effort to find “Better”. They are attempting to Make the Task of Finding Better part of their DNA…

This can be problematic as well, because “Hacking” is often an impatient, uneducated attempt to make everyday tasks easier. It is thought to enhance the sensory experience for your Body or influence your Brain into increased productivity but really, It is Science for the Masses without regulation, information or process.

During a Pandemic, when things are a mess and uncertainty reigns, is typically the toughest Time Period you have ever been through. Use this time as an Opportunity for Appreciation + Reflection, or something in between…

Where you fall in that Range is a reflection of How You Think about Yourself, Your Ability to Change (Improve), and Your (Our) Future…


So Where Are You?

We often remark in the Gym that the Greatest Changes in the World (or in Your Life) are Attitudinal Changes that Create a Ripple Effect in Everything You Do…

If You’re looking for a Place to Start, Start with You.

If You Need to Change, Adapt, or Improve, Start with Your Attitude.

If You Need Help with Your Attitude (Attitude = Physical Manifestation of Your Mind-Set {How You Think}), Start with Where You Are and Where You Want to Go… The “Endpoints”

Once You Have Your Endpoints, Backfill from “Success”, i.e. the Steps You Need to Take to Get to “Better” …

Identify your 1st Step, which is almost always How You are Thinking, and Actively Take Action to Change It…

Are You Grateful?

Are You Upset?

Are You Setting an Example for Others?

Are You Starting with Yourself?

Whatever Your Motivation is, there is Emotion behind it.

Use It.

Use the Power of How You Feel to Change Your Process.

Yes, You have a Desired Outcome, but that Outcome requires Action Steps…

Build your Process.

Process is Your Personal Recipe for Improvement.

When we follow a Recipe, we have Opportunity to create and Succeed.

Your Personal Improvement Plan is Your Recipe.

Your Recipe begins with your Thoughts and How You “Frame” them.

Why are You Changing?

Let’s Start with Why, it should be Clear.

Let’s Start with Your Thoughts, You Control Them.

Let’s Start with Action and Awareness of Your Process/Plan.

Let’s Start Now, because We Need To.

If Not Now, then When?

Waiting isn’t the Answer, Action Is.

Perfect isn’t the Method, Adaptation Is.

Hope isn’t the Answer, Process Is.

Tomorrow isn’t the Answer, Today Is.

Take A Step Today, towards “Better’…