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A Note to All High School Athletes Who Want to Play in College: Act Like It, and Train In-Season!

In-Season Training may be the single most important element of Training for any Athlete, due to the length of the Season as it pertains to your Development.  Your Desired “College Sport” is a much longer Season than your High School Season, and every single College Team, regardless of Sport or Division, will be Working out 1-3x each week for the duration of their Sport.

In-Season Training is particularly important to all Athletes because of the Physical Demands that are continually asked of the Players. Many Athletes start the Season “Strong + Fit” and then struggle as both gradually diminish over time.

 This can be problematic when Performance Decreases and Injury Rates Increase.  In-Season Training has been shown to Sustain and Improve Performance while minimizing the potential for Injury.

In addition, many of you will be evaluated in the later stages of the Season, when the Games are meaningful, and in the Playoffs.  Imagine wanting to Play Your Best, for Your Team and for a College (or National Team) Coach, and not Training for the ~12-14 weeks leading up to that point? It wouldn’t make sense.

Additionally, many of you have just finished a Fall Sport, and while the Athletic Portion and Team Aspect of that Sport may have been beneficial, it also means you haven’t “Trained” since the Summer, 3+months ago…

There aren’t many options other than Taking Great Care of yourself and Training Consistently…


 Take care of Yourself during the season to Have a Great Season!


There is Good News and Bad News when it comes to In-Season Training, and both are extremely important:


The Good News: The “Stimulus” necessary for Success during the Season is very easy to attain with Planning and Organization.

(2) ~40min Sessions each week will help you Stay Fit and Get Stronger.

Look at your Schedule each week and Block-Out 2 40min periods of Time (Before or After your Practice, as College + Pro Teams do both) and Keep that Appointment! In addition to the Lift, you can also perform your “Rehab”, Improve Flexibility, Recover with Self-Massage, or Double-Down on a perceived Weakness. 40min is more than enough time to “Get Better”


The Bad News: Every athlete starts this Process “Fired-up”, but ~70% lose their Mojo and give away the last 6-weeks of Training.

  • If your Goal is to Play a College Sport, Act like it! They are Lifting!
  • This isn’t a “Talent” issue, this is a “Compete + Improve” Characteristic. Some People are Getting Better, some are not.  Which are You?
  • You can always get Back on Track. 1 Bad Week doesn’t “Ruin You” 3 Great Weeks doesn’t “Make You”, but both tell you where you are going J


Here is how we typically build our In-Season Workout Template:

4 Movements, 2-3 Sets, 2x per week

Squat:               Split Squat, Lunge, 1-Leg Squat, Front/Back Squat,

Pull:                  Chin/Pull-Up, DB Row, TRX Row, 1-Arm/1Leg Row,

Push:                DB/Barbell Incline Press, Bench Press, Push-Up,

Hip Ext:           Hip Lift, SLDL, Ball Leg Curl, Deadlift,


We are Rooting for Your Success! If we can help in any way, please Email, Call, Text, DM, etc., and we will answer your Questions. We have Athletes Training right now who are doing the same things and they are Improving weekly! If you want to Improve, we will Help!