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5 Steps to Make Your To Do List More Effective

With no “Build-up”, no Backstory, and no “Quarantine” Update, here is a Simple Piece you should be using to Improve…

Structure Wins (96% of the Time): Where is Yours?

What Will You Accomplish Today?


There is a Time-Proven Method to Get $h!t Done, and it is a “To-Do” List (‘Checklist’ to many)…


You have used a List, at one time or another, to get the “Important” Things Done, or To Remember What You weren’t Allowed to Forget….    

Why not use a Simple List Everyday?


Here are some pointers to ensure Success:


1) Keep it to 5 Actions or Less!

You aren’t getting >8 Things done every day, so don’t worry about “How Much” It Says, Focus on How Much You Do!


2) Start Big, Stay Big!

 What is Most Important Today? Write it Down! What isn’t a Huge Deal? Leave it Alone. Your List is Precious because Your Time is                     Precious. Treat it as Such!


3) Link Actions to Specific Time (Length + Time of Day)!

When possible, assign an “Action Time” to Your Action!

“Letting it Happen” isn’t a Strategy, it’s Hoping for the Best.

The Best Version of You is rarely Built on Hope.


4) Start Early, Start Strong, and Take Breaks!

Your Energy, and Time is Finite. Upon Waking, Get to Your Tasks. If You have to Clear 100 Small Tasks to get to the Big Ones, You may Run out of Gas!

Get to What is Important, Put Time In, and then Back Away!

Science indicates that we all have “Productive Time” during the Day, and it’s not “Consecutive” Time. Break it up to ~30min Blocks, and then move towards an Activity that’s doesn’t tax Attention or Focus your Energy for ~15min.

This “Give + Take” will keep you Producing for Greater Overall Time!


5) Respect your Plan, Reward your Steps or Retro Fit Your Goals!

“Respecting” your Time means you recognize how Valuable the Big Picture is, and that Respect is the Measure of Your Daily Focus.

“Rewarding” your Steps means that you Thrive off of Accomplishment. Give yourself a Small Reward for Every Step You Take Towards Better!

“RetroFiting” means as You Change, Your Goals do as well.

Adjust Your Desired Outcomes based on the Growth that Occurs through Succeeding Every Day!


Many of us are using a Checklist when the Volume of “To-do” is high or when we have struggled for a period of time.

Why not have System of Compliance and Success every day, regardless of Volume or Intensity?

Start Simple, and See what Works for You!


For greater insight into the How or Why of “To-Do Lists”, read the Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande, it is a Game-Changer!