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Walter Norton Jr.

Professional Journey

Having worked in the fitness industry for almost 25 years, it’s not surprising that Walter has had an impact on a wide range of athletes and clients. From winning championships, to achieving weight loss goals, to improving mindset, it’s clear that, through Walter’s extraordinary coaching approach, his clientele enjoy both widespread personal and professional successes.

Walter can stake a claim to having trained the most athletes in New England over the past several decades. His incredible resume includes: 

  • NBA Boston Celtics 2004-2008, including their Championship year in 2008
  • New England Revolution (MLS)
  • Boston Breakers (WUSA)
  • Boston Bruins (NHL)
  • Boston University Men’s Ice Hockey (NCAA)
  • Harvard University Women’s Ice Hockey (NCAA)
  • 40 medalists across the 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, and 2014 Olympic Games
  • First Round Draft Picks in Football, Basketball and Hockey
  • Professional Athletes in Golf, Boxing, Lacrosse, and Fitness
  • Celebrities from movies, television, music, and media including: Ben Affleck, Jen Garner, Ryan Seacrest, Ciara, Casey Affleck and Matt Damon

While Walter remains available to train specific clients for special projects or programs, his real passion is bringing his structured, consistent, straightforward, and high octane coaching style to the middle school, high school, college and adult athletes and clients who train at IPF on a daily basis.  

In addition to training, Walter’s industry experience includes serving as a consultant for Nike on the SPARQ performance advisory board as well as consulting for numerous other major sports organizations, running a corporate fitness business in Boston, and helping grow a top ten agency for pro football players. 

Walter founded/owned Mike Boyle’s Strength & Conditioning (MBSC) with Mike Boyle and was the facility’s Director of Programming & Training for ten years. Under Walter’s leadership, MBSC became the largest and most well-known training facility in the U.S. During that time, Walter continually honed his vision of the ideal training facility – one that would be relationship-driven and motivate individuals and teams to improve their athletic ability, change their fitness and nutrition habits, and enhance their lifestyle. In 2008, Walter left MBSC and that vision became IPF.

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Personal Journey

Not unlike many people who venture into the fitness industry, Walter started working out as a senior in high school and enjoyed the process and the results. This physical growth was important to his role as a Boston University scholarship quarterback and launched him into a professional football career in Europe post-grad. But most important, seeing and feeling how working out changed him for the better, lit the fire for the rest of his journey in the fitness industry.

In the late 90s, Walter and Mike Boyle decided to open Boyle’s Strength and Conditioning in Saugus, MA. “The first day we were open, I trained six kids. A decade later, during my last two summers at MBSC, we were training about 450 kids a day. That evolution and growth, from a business standpoint, was awesome. But many athletes I had spent hours with on a daily basis, year after year, were now just getting a ‘hello’ and a ‘goodbye’. I wanted to continue to be a coach and a mentor, not a conductor just moving people around. I missed the relationships, the growth, and shared experiences.”

When Walter opened IPF in 2008 in Andover, MA he envisioned a more personal facility, where he could have a very hands-on experience with all athletes and clients. “We want to impact physical, behavioral and lifestyle changes in people. Our philosophy is that we want you to learn to believe in yourself and the process, and to have a real desire to want to learn and improve.”

After 25 years in the industry, Walter is still excited by early mornings, late nights, and every opportunity. “We are inspired every day to help all different kinds of athletes and clients. On any given day at IPF, there are pro athletes, Olympic medalists, teachers, seniors, moms and dads, young kids of all abilities, all working out at the same facility. Every day is still exciting!”

Walter lives in North Reading, MA with his wife, Liz, daughter, Nicole, son, Macintyre, and their four dogs, Magnus, Abe, Lyken, Lucious.