The New Guy...

This week, a Gentlemen called, then came by IPF to indicate he wanted to begin Working Out. On the phone (not his first call), he said it was just what he needed and would start tomorrow. 8 Days later, he walked in during our 9:00am Group and said he would be starting the following day. Jamie Damon asked me if I thought the man would show and I responded he would not. I said aloud that I hoped to be wrong, but that his Behavior/Mannerisms/Body Language, after spending 20+ years in our field, was easy to recognize and predict (at least initially). 

Fear, Insecurity, and Change can Motivate or Paralyze you. For some, it shoves them off the couch and into action with the force of Thor's Hammer. For others, it pushed them deeper into the Abyss of Inactivity and Shame. After time spent with an Individual, it is much easier to discern how they Interpret Information, Why they Think a certain way, and what Hinders/Helps them each day. At first glance, however, it is difficult to discern How they Think. That same first look can easily tell you What they are Thinking. 

What I am trying to Communicate is that there are Qualities present immediately when we Speak with someone on the Phone, when they Walk in the Door, or when we Read an Email or Text. These Characteristics are both Positive and Negative, and may change and evolve as rapidly as their Body. I often say that I want to have a Strong Opinion until I hear better Information, and then I want to Change my Opinion immediately. Better Information=New Opinion. I am always hoping to Acquire Better Information, and I look forward to Changing my Mind as an Improvement of what I had held previously True. Malcolm Gladwell would attribute some of that to repetitive "Thin-Slicing", but regardless of the marketing title, I think the Process makes sense. 

Everyday, Clients walk into IPF with a "Look". It is Influenced by things as Important as Sleep (Good and Bad), Nutrition (Good and Bad) and Energy (Good and Bad), to as Trivial as worrying about what Bike you will Ride, who your Partner will be, or what type of Shake you will have Post-Workout. It is the Flight or Flight Opportunity of the Moment, and there may be plenty throughout the Day. You could argue it is a Choice or a Perspective, that you are either Excited by the Opportunity or Dreading it (Gervais). Do you feel terrible about yourself and withdraw, or do you embrace the Challenge and push forward? This is not a hard "Read" for the Staff, as the Preparation, Body Language, Time of Arrival, Behavior, Skin, Eyes, etc, tell a very clear story. I often ask our Community to "Fully Invest/Buy-In" because I don't know why We/They would ever want to get less than the Optimal Result. Protecting your Insecurities make them Stronger, and Fear of Failure is the single most Powerful Inhibitor I have ever seen. When you walk into any room, at Home, Work, to Coach, to Learn, etc, what you Convey to the people around you and what you bring to the surrounding Environment is very Powerful...and also usually very telling regarding your Outcome.

I have been pleasently and happily Incorrect many times, as the Strength of IPF is the Community within. They have Made, Molded, and Re-Shaped many before my eyes so that I quickly Changed my Perception. I change it everyday to varying degrees. The Power of this "Pack" and many other great Groups, Teams, and Organizations is that the Sum of the Whole is greater than the Sum of the Parts. Our Concept is woven into the Environment, Atmosphere, Curriculum and Participation at IPF. Right or Wrong, we make this our "Own". I truly believe there is an Inherent Obligation to make those around you Better. while that may sound virtuous, it is not easy. Bringing (Dragging) a Friend, Co-Worker, or Family Member to IPF may be the Best or Worst experience of their Life depending on their Attitude, Readiness for Change, or their "Look"...but the Difficulty shouldn't stop you from trying to Help Someone, regardless of How. Ultimately, they will "Tell" you with their Behavior. Hopefully, you will be Patient, Positive and Ready to Change your Mind. 

We are all the "The New Guy" everyday, and have Wonderful (or Terrible) Opportunities and Choices that we face. How we face them is Important, but the Success or Failure initially is not as relevant as the Repetition of that Moment of Choice. Fight or Flight? Now or Later? Love it or Dread it? Live, and Face those Moments with Hope, a Plan, and the benefit of what has led you to this point. Doing so ensures that you will meet me @Success...

Oh, that New Guy, you and I won't see him again. The fear has won this round, let's all hope he has enough to get up when the bell rings and battle again. I can't wait to Change my Mind and be Wrong about being Right... :)