A Great Week...

Summer Shed, Week 1, has come to a close. Our Community can receive Credit for up to 5 Workouts each week. Attendance is an Important, Evaluated, and Emphasized as a Category consistent with Success. With a number of previous Shed's to draw Information from, it is clear that Attendance=Improvement. That should not be a Revelation, but when you can see "it", on paper, in front of you, it tends to be as Motivating as it is Telling. Here are the members of the IPF Community who were Present 5x this Week-Well Done!

Cathy Johnson, Matt Ros, Lori Dreyfus, Mike Maloney, Mrs. Fraser, Paul Fraser, Megan Deyermond, Kelci Adams, Mark Cicarelli, Suzy Cicarelli.

This is a terrific number for a Vacation Week. Week 2 should be even better...Gaining Ground Baby!